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December 27, 2021 4 min read

Well friends, if you are anything like us, you have taken the advice to eat, drink, and be merry extremely seriously this festive season - as well you should. All told, it was another strange year, and the chance to shrug it off with some seasonal cheer was certainly not going to be wasted; we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! But equally, the new year presents us with a moment for refreshment of a different kind: the great outdoors is beckoning, and with it, the opportunity to stretch our legs and fill our hearts with the pleasure only fresh air can offer. Likewise, our pack is keen to swap the comforts of their new beds for the many joys of nature; after all, as good as napping is, it’s even better after a really long walk. So whether you are looking for a gentle stroll or a tough mudder, allow us to furnish you with everything you need to enjoy a fit and fabulous January! 

First up, let’s talk leashes, specifically the kind of leash that will take you from gentle stroll to full on hike and everything in between - after all, it is national Walk Your Dog month! As durable as it is stylish, the Quantum Leash is an award-winning, versatile lead that converts into 6 different styles. With a simple carabiner adjustment, it easily switches styles depending on your activity and, since it comes in regular nylon and reflective nylon, is perfect for days when dusk seems to fall about ten minutes after breakfast. We never leave home without it. 

Now depending on where you live, you may find winter walks to be on the bracing side. Here in Oregon, we certainly do! But far be it for us to complain - quite the opposite, for it gives our pack the chance to model some truly stylish outerwear. Allow us to recommend some options. 

For days when the wind is light and the skies clear, we go with this pawsome stretch fleece by Goldpaw. Light but cozy, this versatile, year-round popover fleece is the best! You’ll reach for it over and over again. Made from recycled polyester and spandex for 4-way stretch, with a finish that is soft like velvet, it’s a piece of cake to put on and moves with your dog, making it the most comfortable coat around. And last but not least, if you do find yourself in a muddier situation than you had planned, washes like a dream! Pawfect, we’ll take two! 

For chillier days, we invariably reach for a Hurtta Summit parker. Not only do these coats look like a million dollars, but they also complement the thermal insulation capacity of short-haired dogs and dogs with no undercoat, preventing them from feeling the cold in unfavorable weather conditions. As cute as they are practical, these are true must-haves. 

But how about the truly freezing days? Worry not, as hardly Pacific northwesterners, we’ve got you, well, we’ve got you covered from head to paw. Start with a pair of RC pets dog socks and work your way up to a Hurtta Dog Body Warmer, which is designed to be worn alone or under a jacket and as such is the ultimate cold weather companion. This multi-purpose garment is equally suitable for an active dog's muscle care and for providing extra warmth under a waterproof jacket or overall. It is also ideal for older dogs, and dogs undergoing rehabilitation, thanks to its foil inner surface that reflects the dog's body heat and provides extra warmth, and its smooth and elastic material makes it super comfortable to wear. With an adjustable belt and collar and reflectors on the seams to make your dog more visible in the dark, it really is the ultimate piece of kit. 

Dressed to impress, the logical next step is to make sure that your pack has as much fun as possible while out and about, and naturally, we have made it our business to stock everything you need for games and good times. A firm favorite is the Cycle Dog High Roller which is as eco-friendly as it is fun. Created with a focus on the environment and to raise awareness of the millions of bike tubes thrown into landfills every year, and  proudly made and tested in Portland, Oregon, these toys can be used in a multitude of ways including fetch in the mountains, park, or even in the river as a float toy! Simply fill with peanut butter and let the good times roll! And since playing and walking are thirsty work, we find the roller pairs perfectly with a Messy Mutts stainless steel water bottle. This award-winning travel water bottle and bowl is easy to use and ideal for walks, hikes and road trips. Just fold up the silicone bowl and press the quick release button to quench your messy mutt’s thirst! Unused water drains back into the stainless steel bottle after use and the bowl folds back over the bottle for easy portability. Pawfect? We think so. 

Whether it’s a 5 mile hike or a 5 minute skip around the block, outdoor times are among the best we spend with our dogs, and this January we look forward to making the most of them - in fact, we’re on our way out now. But before we go, allow us to wish you and yours the happiest, healthiest, walkiest New Year ever. Here’s to fun, fresh air, and all the joy they bring! 2022, here we come!

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