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April 16, 2021 4 min read

A users’ guide to the many canine joys - and surprises - that spring has to offer! 

Did you know that just like humans, dogs respond in all sorts of ways to spring? The new smells, the warmer weather, and more time in the great outdoors is a heady mix! If your furry friends are anything like ours, you might have noticed some changes that appeared as surely as the spring flowers as the season began. It turns out that it’s not just a coincidence, spring really does, well, spring in dogs too! How? Here are some of the most common ways, as well as some handy hints and tips to help you handle them. 

Hey Mom, Hey Dad, Check Out My Boundless Energy!

If your dog seems livelier, bouncier, and more full of beans than he did a few weeks ago, you aren’t imagining things. It turns out that the level of dogs’ melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, increases during fall and winter and decreases again in early spring. The result? They need less sleep and crave more exercise. Hello even earlier morning feeds, how we’ve missed you! The great news is there are lots of fun ways to make the most of this seasonal supercharge… 

Depending on the size, age, and inclination of your dog, this is the perfect time of year to try a more challenging  trail. You can both enjoy the great outdoors and - here’s the smart part - look forward to a relaxing evening later knowing your pooch is totally pooped! Sound good? It certainly does to us! Okay, first things first: make sure you are well prepared for any adventures that might happen along the way with a hands free dog leash. This fantastic and versatile piece of kit can be used over the shoulder or around the waist, and has clips for two dogs; perfect for pack walks! And for the ultimate all action dog, how about having your four legged friend share the load? This lightweight yet tough dog backpack is perfect for a full day out and about, with space for water and one our of our all time favorite must haves, a pet first aid kit. This comprehensive collection will make quick and easy work of any scratches, bumps and scrapes so you can feel confident that your day won’t be cut short. 

Clean Up on Aisle Hound!

As fun as it is, we all know that a big day out can leave your dog in a big old muddy mess-a-palooza; if this sounds familiar - and we’re betting it does - we’ve got you. First stop, the pet paw MudBuster, which is everything you need for quick and easy post walk dip and go paw cleaning. For the days when a bath is inevitable, this probiotic pet shampoo uses nature’s own tools and ingredients to help restore your dog’s coat to shiny, healthy glory and sooth any itching or dryness. Finally, this incredible, ultra absorbent shammy for dogs and cats can be used after a bath or simply after a wet walk to speed your dog back to fluffiness. Phew!

Picking up the Scent

It is thought to be the case that dogs have a sense of smell that is somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 times as powerful as that of humans. It’s absolutely incredible to think of, especially at this time of year, since for dogs there is no sublimely stinkier season than spring! Throw in their "neophilia" - an attraction to new and, er, shall we say interesting scents - and it’s a recipe for delighted dogs and some novel discoveries for you as your dog snuffles her way through the day. 

To ensure that these olfactory “delights” don’t make their way into your delightful home, why not carry a handy pack of charcoal peppermint pet wipes to sweep away any less than desirable debris or mess that your dog may have found? Safe and splendidly sweet smelling, they will detoxify as well as clean, and can even be used by humans. Bonus! Sensitive types, don’t stress; we’ve got you covered too! For all your unscented pet wipe needs, walk this way! 

I’m Itchy and I Know It. 

Despite the season’s many joys, it wouldn’t be spring without pollen, and just like us humans, dogs can fall prey to pesky seasonal allergies. Given that we want to make the most of the time of year, and our dogs want to spend their time out and about and finding new things, these allergies and symptoms can be tricky to manage. So what can be done about them? First out of the gate, snacks! We find it is always handy to combine a treat with a shot of healthy benefits - sneaky but smart - and these brilliant pet gummis are just the ticket. Packed with active ingredients that provide relief for itchy skin, seasonal allergies, and minor irritations, they can help keep your dog feeling great - and looking gorgeous - with moisturized skin and a healthy coat. Next up, skincare. We find a topical treatment, such as this probiotic ear cleaner for cats and dogs, is most beneficial, helping to calm one of the most common trouble spots. While ear infections will need to be treated by a vet, this solution soothes and protects with the help of natural bacteria which can help ward off seasonal scratchiness. Sign us up! 

Whatever you and your four legged friends get up to, your friends at King Duke’s are here with everything you need for a happier, healthier, and more fun-packed spring. All you have to do is enjoy every second of it!

Full of beans, sniffing up a storm, or scratching the day away? How does your dog salute the spring season? Let us know in the comments!

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