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Earth Animal - No Hide Feast Rolls


No Bleaches, No Synthetics, No Preservatives

A festive feast for your furry companions unlike any other - all the deliciousness of your holiday dinner (minus the guilt) but in dog-friendly chewable form. With tasty Turkey, Pumpkin, and Cranberry, this mouth-watering MEAL is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Every No-Hide® is crafted from a mere 6 basic ingredients plus 1 responsibly-sourced protein - it's the snack your canine will crave. Wondering why? Because there's nothing quite like it in this world.

Dogs have a natural desire to chew, and if you've ever had a pooch as a roommate, you've probably witnessed this first-hand! Unfortunately, many chew options on the market aren't exactly pet-friendly. They're packed with chemicals, produced in questionable facilities outside the U.S., and often just made from plain ol' rawhide. Yikes! Fear not, pet parents, for the No-Hide has arrived - a healthy, long-lasting, and amazingly delicious chew. Your furry friend will thank you.

Formulated by Dr. Bob Goldstein and team. Proudly made in Lancaster County, PA.


  • Small: 4-5 inches long
  • Medium: 7-8 inches long
  • Large: 11-12 inches long

Made for animals 6 months and older, puppies get their “license to chew” at 6 months old.


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