BarknBig 12" Bully Sticks, 6 ct - Odor Free

These 12" bully stick made from USDA inspected bull penis can be a favorite for your pup and you. The size is great for any size dog. The good news is you can keep an eye on the dog because the bully is odor free and you don't have to quarantine the poor pup to another room or outside.

If your dog is a swallower, the end of the bully is the part you need to be aware of. Those last 2" present a dog with two options. Either chew it down to a flat piece or finish the job and gulp it down. If your dog tends to gulp things, you may want to take the last few inches away. 

  • Single Ingredient.  
  • Manufactured, Sourced, and Packaged in the USA.
  • USDA Inspected bull penis
  • Odor Free