Bison Puffs by BarknBig, 5oz bag

The BarknBig Bison Puffs are high end healthy treats coming from the Bison Lung. Lungs and organ meats in general contain a different profile of nutritive components than muscle meats. These particular treats are not very dense, making them easier to eat for dogs with teeth or gum issues. True American Bison products are not easy to come by and are raised differently than commercial protein sources making them one of the cleanest and most hypo-allergenic options for your dogs.

  • Dehydrating treats allows them to keep as much nutritional value without compromising the safety of handling the treats.
  • Single ingredient
  • Gently sliced into thin pieces, not ground up.
  • No Glycerin, chemicals or fat added, making them gentle to digest and good for dogs with pancreatitis