Dehydrated Bison Mini Wings by BarknBig, 6 count Resealable Bag

BarknBig Bison Wings Minis come in a 6ct. Bag. By Wings, we mean Scapula. Scapula comes off the animal's shoulder blade made of cartilage resembling a wing. We deliberately remove the piece of bone attached to the cartilage due to the danger of splintering it presents in the wrong mouth. With the bone removed, this is 100% digestible. We have also found Scapula to be full of naturally occurring glucosamine aiding in hip and joint health. These Mini Wings are cut to a size that gives smaller pups the ability to indulge, but not over indulge.

  • Single Ingredient, Bison Scapula.
  • Resealable Bag.  
  • Manufactured, Sourced, and Packaged in the USA.