H-DuO Dual Hydration Bottle with Collapsible Pet Cup by Dexas

The Dexas Popware For Pets H-DuO is a dual chambered hydration bottle for pets and their companions on the go! The internal chambers of this bottle are completely separate from each other, so you can tote fresh water for Fido in one compartment and a sports drink or electrolyte replacement for you in the other. This unique hydration solution is great for hiking, camping, running, walking, sporting events and more. If you are thirsty, so is your pup- so leave prepared with a hydration solution for both of you! 

  • This dual chambered hydration bottle is a dual drink solution for you and your pet on the go
  • This water bottle contains two watertight chambers, side by side in one hydration bottle
  • Each chamber has a 12 ounce capacity, hydration bottle is BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for hiking, running, camping and more: pack water for your pet and a sports drink, elctrolyte replacements for yourself
  • Also included is a collapsible pet cup, pet dish with a 1 cup, 8 ounce capacity
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