Farm Fresh Beef Dog Treats

Farm Fresh Pet Treats  are a healthy,   soft  pepperoni- style treat for dogs and cats. Our Treats are   preservative free, and   contain no fillers or by-products. Our   single source protein  Treats are made with all   natural, high quality, whole ingredients  from the human food market sourced from across the Canadian Prairies, and are Canadian made.

Farm Fresh Pet Treats are   casing-free,  making them a   versatile choice for both small and large pets, puppies, and older pets that may not have all their teeth. Fussy pets   love  our Treats, they are excellent for breaking apart for training.

Farm Fresh Beef Treats ingredients:

  • Ground beef, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, oatmeal, honey, a small amount of brown sugar to bind the treat together, garlic powder and sea salt.

These treats are sold in 100-gram/3.53 oz resealable packages.