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Hot Cats Holiday Catnip Toys

Made of the sturdiest denim twill fabric, cats can really sink their teeth and claws into this long-lasting deluxe toy. Great for interactive fun: Kitty can wrestle fiercely with one end while you hold the other end -without getting mauled. The combination of tough fabric and super potent catnip guarantees hours of entertainment for your cat – and you.
  • 100% Organic Catnip Toy - No Fillers
  • Sewn of long lasting, very durable, sturdy denim twill
  • Filled with 1 ½ cups of fresh and potent catnip
  • Packaged in biodegradable cellophane
  • Designs vary; made in assorted colors, patterns, and prints
  • Made in the USA, certified organically grown in the Pacific NW

Since 1982, Hot Cats Full Circle Herb Company’s dedicated staff of family and friends has hand crafted their catnip toys from their small shop tucked in the Oregon woods. For three decades they’ve been purrsnickety about their products’ quality, materials, and packaging.   The catnip used has always been #1 Top Grade Catnip herb, Certified Organically Grown in Washington state, and their packaging is eco-friendly biodegradable cellophane. Carefully sewn of sturdy denim twill in an assortment of bright colors and prints!