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    Hot Cats - Organic Catnip 4-Pack Sausage

    This gift set-of-4 catnip toy "sausages" is the purr-fect present for your feline friend! These super cute designs are stuffed with a ½ cup of certified organic #1 catnip herb, guaranteed to bring out the playful side in even the biggest, baddest, and oldest cats. Made from sturdy denim twill, this toy can handle even the toughest play sessions. With the powerful catnip scent, your cat will be entertained for hours on end - and you'll be entertained watching them.

    • Designs vary; made in assorted colors & patterns
    • Package of 4 Hot Cat Catnip Sausage Toys
    • 100% Organic Catnip Toy - No Fillers
    • Sewn of long lasting, very durable, sturdy denim twill
    • Filled with 1/2 cup of fresh and potent catnip
    • Designs may vary; made in assorted colors, patterns, and prints
    • Made in the USA, certified organically grown in the Pacific NW

    Since 1982, Hot Cats has been hand crafting top-grade catnip toys in their Oregon woods shop. They're purrsnickety about quality, materials, and eco-friendly packaging. Made with sturdy denim twill in bright colors and prints.

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