LupinePet Originals 6' Dog Leash

Lupine Originals are made of premium jacquard woven nylon. Always trendy and stylish, they are never printed or ribbon overlay and always tested for color fastness.

A great everyday leash for dogs of all sizes!  Lupine leashes feature a padded handle that is comfortable and lightweight, and a brushed nylon underside prevents rubbing that can occur if your pup pulls.

The 1/2" leash utilizes a lightweight traditional style trigger snap, while the 3/4 " and 1" leashes feature a   convenient gate-style snap.  

Available Sizes:

1/2" wide by 6' long
3/4" wide by 6' long
   1" wide by 6' long 

Every Lupine item is made in New Hampshire and is Guaranteed for Life, even if chewed!