Pawsome Doggie Paw Print Cake/Ice Cube Mold

This Paw Print Muffin Pan Ice Cube Mold is perfect for making mini doggie cakes, muffins or as ice cube tray for frozen treats. We see this pawprint as being for doggie or a kittie.

This silicone muffin tin makes six 2 inch adorable pawprint mini cakes or muffins. This is perfect for your favorite puppy's birthday or if you're celebrating a petaversary, cataversary or dogaversary.

Pan itself is 7 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches. You can also use this flexible pan to make frozen treats for your favorite pet. We recently tried it out with vanilla yogurt, pureed pumpkin and mashed bananas, and the dogs loved their "pops."