Pet.Releaf CBD Edibites Blueberry Cranberry

Note: If you looking for a Pet Releaf product to help your pets anxiety or other issues, please look to the CBD Hemp Oils. Edibites work in conjunction with the Hemp Oil, but not intended to be used on its own.

Pet Releaf CBD-infused Blueberry Cranberry CBD Hemp Oil Edibites are a “superfood smoothie” for your pet. They are considered an immune system turbo boost and are the perfect daily supplement for your pet. They contain no wheat, corn, dairy or soy and have no fillers or chemical preservatives.

  • Each Blueberry Cranberry CBD Hemp Oil Edibite contains 30mg of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids, 1.5 mg Active CBD                                       
  • Each Regular treat bag contains 900mg of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids, 45 mg of Active CBD

Active Ingredients: Organic full spectrum cannabinoids including naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD).

Inactive Ingredients: Organic Barley Flour, Organic Coconut Oil, Cranberries, Blueberry Powder, Honey, Agar (red seaweed), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

To maximize the benefits of the CBD treats, it is best to offer Edibites to your pet companion outside of meal time so that all of the healthy benefits are completely digested. 

Dog Weight: Usage:
Up to 25lbs/11kg 2 treats per day. AM & PM
25-50lbs/11-23kg 4 treats per day. AM & PM
50-75lbs/23-34kg  6 treats per day. AM & PM
Over 75lbs/34kg 8 treats per day. AM & PM

About Pet Releaf 

Pet Releaf full spectrum CBD Hemp Oil that is utilized in the Blueberry Cranberry CBD Hemp Oil Edibites is grown at the largest USDA certified organic hemp farm in the United States. They planted a specialized proprietary strain, PR-33, grown specifically with pets in mind. Since they use the entire plant (seeds and stalk), this CBD hemp oil provides all of the benefits of CBD while also providing the multitude of additional benefits provided by the terpenoids and flavonoids.