SmartPetLove Tiny-Tuff Orange Clownfish Toy

Tender-tuffs are for every dog owner who wants a plush toy your dog loves and will play with for more than a day. Made with proprietary TearBlok Technology, smartpetlove tender-tuffs are the answer you’ve been looking for! Tiny-tuffs are designed with smaller breeds in mind. Measuring just 6", they may be tiny, but they are still tuff! 

  • Satisfies dog’s natural instinct to chew with full, soft bite
  • Soft and fun, yet long lasting
  • Perfect for smaller dogs
  • Made with proprietary TearBlok technology
  • Durable fabric allows for longevity of use and reduced need for replacement plush toys

**Sometimes, a dog can still get into any kind of toy if they are determined enough. Tender-tuffs are intended for rough play, but are not meant as a chew toy. If your dog likes to chew, check out our selection of engaging chew toys. As with all toys, please supervise your dog when playing with their tender-tuffs.