StayJax Nonslip Bucket Seat Cover Set

This Stayjax 2-piece-set includes Top and Bottom Bucket Seat Covers that cover a single bucket seat. Made from 6P-Free closed-cell PVC to create a highly durable mat that protects your seats and cushion your dog’s claws. The raised bump pattern makes for a gripped surface maximizing your dog’s stability while remaining soft to the touch. Stayjax seat mats are made with a focus on functionality, design and craftsmanship. Easy to clean, needing only to be wiped down with a damp cloth. Extremely portable with an average installation time of less than 30 seconds; can be rolled up when not in use. Keep your car clean, keep your pet safe and keep yourself happy!

Stayjax Bucket Seat Bottoms are made with adjustable elastic straps for around the back of the seat as well as along the front. Stayjax Bucket Seat Tops are made with an adjustable elastic for the bottom of the seat as well as an adjustable strap for around the headrest for quick installation.

  • Installs in under a minute
  • Increase your pet's stability
  • Minimize wear and tear
  • Durable, universal fit for your vehicle’s seats
  • Fits most vehicles

2-Piece-Set (Covers 1-Seat ONLY!!!) Includes:

  1. Top Cover measures: 21.5 in x 24 in
  2. Bottom cover measures: 21.5 in x 21.5 in