West Paw Creamy Dog Treat - Beef Liver and Pumpkin

Beef liver, bone broth, and a hint of cinnamon these are the things that silky coats, happy guts, and healthy joints  are made of. Why?  Because this  gourmet  alternative  to peanut butter  is naturally packed with vitamins, minerals,  and glucosamine, all thanks to its simple, clean ingredients. Give it a squeeze it’s great  in  treat  toys on  dinner, or  just straight into a smiling dog mouth.

Dog owners will love that  Beef Liver & Pumpkin  Creamy  Treats  are:

  • Made with USA - sourced beef liver and pumpkin
  • Crafted with  real bone broth, a great source of collagen
  • An e xcellent source of iron,  zinc, B - vitamins and many more
  • Loaded with healthy prebiotic fiber from real pumpkin
  • Gluten - free and Grain - free
  • Backed by West Paw's Love It Guarantee
  • Available in the US only

Prebiotics  keep tummies happy.  Prebiotics  feed  healthy gut bacteria and  when we feed the good bugs, we  feed good health. Plus,  this healthy  source of fiber helps clean the colon, and lower its PH, promoting the right environment for healthy bacteria to  thrive.

It’s a toy AND a treat AND a brain workout, too.  West Paw treat toys aren’t just  sheer doggy delight  when paired with a creamy treat they’re a source of  rewarding  mental stimulation for  pups. Keep  canine  brains busy by putting Creamy Treat in Toppl, Quizl, and Tux.