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West Paw - Air-Dried Treats, Bison Heart

Bring on the Bison! These Air-Dried Bison Heart Dog Treats are bursting with healthy, inflammation-busting omega 3 fatty acids. These pasture-raised, majestic beasts are sustainably sourced in the US and Canada.

  • Made in the USA from 100% Bison Hearts
  • 100% Pasture Raised Bison - humanely raised and sustainably sourced in the USA and Canada
  • Air-dried to gently & safely preserves vitamins, minerals and proteins
  • Bison is naturally lean, yet packed with healthy fats
  • Made from the heart—one of the most nutritional muscle meats
  • Backed by Love It Guarantee™

The American Grassfed Certification guarantees that their livestock is raised healthily with no antibiotics, on eco-friendly ranches that bolster rural economies in the US. Grass-fed meat is lean. 

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