Zuke's Superfood Blend Dog Treats

Tender Treats Made With Nutrient-Rich Superfoods to Help Keep the Adventure Going

At Zuke’s, we know an active dog is a happy dog. We also know active dogs need extra nutrients. When you want to boost your dog’s intake of antioxidants the natural way — through food — superfoods give your dog more benefits per bite. Crafted in the USA using the Earth’s best ingredients like pumpkin, kale, and berries, Zuke's SuperFood Blends are tender, tasty treats made with naturally antioxidant-rich wholefoods to support your dog’s healthy body and keep the adventure going.  

  • Made Wholesome Fruits and Veggies
  • Beta-Carotene-Rich Veggies Help Him Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Low-Gluten Recipe Is Perfect For Gluten Sensitive Dogs
  • Made Without Corn, Wheat Or Soy