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September 22, 2020 4 min read

The warm weather is behind us and the leaves have started to change color. That means it’s time to pull out your favorite sweater, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and get your pumpkin-carving tools out of the attic. It’s also the perfect time to pick out a few adorable Halloween-themed toys for your furry family members!

If you’re looking for fun ways to celebrate the spooky season with your cat or dog this year, look no further! We’re bringing you our favorite COVID-safe halloween activities to try with your pet as well as our top 10 Halloween dog toys and cat toys!

Celebrate Halloween Safely with Your Furry Friend

Sadly, a lot of our favorite halloween parties, events, and traditions are likely not to go ahead this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the risks associated with gathering or interacting with large groups. Make the best of it by planning to spend the creepiest night of the year at home or out for a walk or playdate in the park with your four-legged pal!

Here are a few safe and fun halloween ideas to try with your cat or dog:

  • Dress your pet up in a cute halloween costume that doesn’t restrict their movement or cause them any distress. Try this adorable trick-or-treat bow tie from Huxley & Kent! 
  • It’s the one night of the year you can get away with eating whatever you want, so why not give your dog or cat a few extra treats as well? Just make sure you keep human candy wrappers at a safe distance.
  • Post about your night in with your pet on social media, and watch all the likes and heart emojis roll in!

Our Top 10 Halloween Pet Toys

1. Mummy Sloth (Pet Shop By Fringe Studios)

This mummy-sloth plush toy is the perfect creepy companion for your cat or dog this Halloween. Soft and squishy, but with an extra-loud squeaker and crinkle paper included, this toy is great for both snuggling and playing!


2. Double Trouble Toy (Lulubelles)

Sugary candy is toxic to dogs, so we recommend taking extra precautions on Halloween night to ensure your pet can’t access any human sweets. But why not let them get in on the candy fun with this double-trouble gum candy toy? Lined with an extra layer of durable mesh inside and extra-tough seams, even a super-scrappy cat or dog will have hours of fun!


3. Trick or Treat Burrow Toy (ZippyPaws)

Interactive toys are great for both entertainment and mental stimulation. This one comes with a plushy trick-or-treat pumpkin basket and three squeaky candies. Your pet will love scratching or biting to try to get the candies out of the basket to play with!


4. Sugar Skulls (Pet Shop By Fringe Studios)

These extra-loud squeaky sugar skulls are the perfect toys for October. Sugar skulls are frequently used to decorate offerings during the Dia de Los Muertos celebrations, when alters are created to remember the dead in Mexico and worldwide by people of Mexican heritage. These toys are designed to resemble traditional sugar skulls, and they make the perfect plush squeaky toy for your cat or dog!


5. Candy Corns (Pet Shop By Fringe Studios)

If you’re looking for cute Halloween pet toys, it doesn’t get any cuter than this. These adorable candy-corn characters are the perfect snuggle buddies and playmates for your cat or dog on All Hallows' Eve this year.


6. Rex-O-Lantern (Pet Shop by Fringe Studios)

This Rex-O-Lantern features an extra-loud squeaker and crinkle paper inside to entertain your furry pal this Halloween. Cute and cuddly, he’s the perfect companion toy for snuggling, napping, and playing with.


7. Donutz Toy (ZippyPaws)

Made for moderate chewers, this no-stuffing squeaky plushy is embroidered with “sprinkles” to look like a delicious donut! Choose between mini, small, and jumbo depending on your pet’s size, and watch them go crazy for this versatile toy. Great for tug-of-war, chewing, and snuggling with, the donut can also double as a super-soft frisbee!


8. Frankenstein Toy (Lulubelles)

This super scary Frankenstein toy is made for tough chewers. It has a built-in layer of durable mesh fused on the inside, no loose pieces, and strong seams. It’s also made from only safe, non-toxic material. Squeeze it, squeak it, and watch your canine or feline friend play and be entertained!


9. Gravestone Burrow (ZippyPaws)

Adorable, spooky, and super engaging, giving your cat or dog this interactive puzzle toy is the perfect way to entertain them this Halloween. Bury the three squeaky candy-corn bats inside the plushy gravestone, and let your pet try to free them!


10. Cross-Ropes Ghost Toy (MultiPet)

This durable cross-rope toy is the perfect way to make sure your pet has tons of ghostly fun this Halloween! Made from extra-tough material and with a cotton rope for tugging and biting, this 13-inch ghost toy is great for throwing, fetching, playing tug-of-war, chewing, and cuddling.


Searching for the perfect Halloween-themed pet toys?

If you’re looking for the perfect toys to entertain your pet this fall and throughout the holiday season, we’ve got you covered! From ghoul-shaped plush toys to candy-themed puzzle toys, we’re your one-stop shop for Halloween with your furry pals!

Check out our Halloween toys, outdoor gear, food, treats, and more! Shop online or stop by our store in Beaverton, OR for all your pet supplies and products.

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