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Dog Coats, Jackets & Boots

Regal Comfort for Your Furry Royalty

Discover the epitome of canine comfort and style with Carolina Pet Company, Goldpaw, Hurtta, Kurgo, and RC Pets. Our curated collection features the pinnacle of dog coats and jackets, marrying fashion with functionality. Carolina Pet Company offers luxurious quilted canvas linings, while Goldpaw boasts dual-layered, ultra-soft fleece. Hurtta excels in weather resilience, and Kurgo provides adjustable, machine-washable options. Meanwhile, RC Pets champions eco-friendly designs. Elevate your dog's attire to unmatched levels of warmth, comfort, and sustainability. Explore our comprehensive range and ensure your furry friend braves brisk days in nothing but the best. Welcome to the pinnacle of canine couture.