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September 22, 2023 2 min read

It is no exaggeration to say that here at King Duke’s, we really do love what we do every single day of the year. But even perma-enthusiasts like us are extra especially excited to share details of what we think may be our best day yet: this Saturday, September 23rd, King Duke’s celebrates its FIFTH BIRTHDAY!

According to the AKC, this makes us 36 in small, medium, and large dog years, and 45 in extra large dog years, and whatever the number, we are putting on our biggest and best party yet! What do we have in store? TONS!

  •  A discount wheel! Spin the wheel to win 15%, 20%, or even a whopping 30% of your purchase.
  • A raffle! We have 3 baskets absolutely stuffed with amazing toys, treats, and either a King Duke’s 20 oz Yeti coffee mug or 20 oz Yeti tumbler!
  • A Build-Your-Own-Goodie Bag! Feast your eyes on a table full of samples and giveaways from some of our loveliest partners and vendors from which you can build your own doggy bag, while your dog feasts his or her tummy on our dog grazing table laden with dog treats, fruits & veggies!
  • A Pup Cup Ice Cream Stand! We’ll be serving samples of our melt-in-the-mouth Puppy Scoops ice cream complete with toppings - form an orderly queue, pack!
  • A Pet Portrait Photo Booth! Pick your accessories & strike a pose - pets, parents, and their pals can take home a memento of the day against our birthday-fun backdrop. 

And of course…

  • A Beer, Wine & Snacks stand! We love pet parents as much as we love pets, so this is all for you!

We hope to see as many of you as possible at our Beaverton store this Saturday, September 23rd - festivities run from 11AM - 2PM - but for those a little further afield, we are offering 10% off all purchases site-wide from Friday 9/22 through Sunday 9/24. Use code HAPPYBDAYKD at checkout. 

Last but not least, a huge, huge thanks to you and all our customers who have made the past 5 years fly by! We simply wouldn’t be here without you! 

Your friends at King Duke’s. 

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