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Wonder Walker - Dog Harness

This halter places control of your dog around his center of gravity rather than his head or neck. This method moves the training cues from the head and neck to the dog’s body. This utilizes a dog’s instinctive push/pull reflex called the opposition reflex. This reflex is why so many dogs pull while on leash — as you pull, they pull back. It does not cross the trachea so the airway cannot be compressed. 

This management tool is designed to keep your dog from pulling while learning to walk on a loose leash on the best dog harness. Five adjustment points allows the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© to easily fit dogs from the small to tall.

Matching Service Leash for Wonder Walker Dog Harness

Sizing Guide – Girth Measurements

The girth measurement is found by measuring the dog behind his front legs circling the body of the dog. 

  • TINY Girth measures 8" to 14" — is made with 3/8″ webbing
  • TOY Girth measures 13.5" to 17" — is made with 3/8″ webbing
  • X-SMALL Girth measures 18" to 23" — is made with 5/8″ webbing
  • SMALL Girth measures 20" to 28" — is made with 3/4″ webbing
  • MEDIUM Girth measures 25" to 33" — is made with 3/4" OR 1″ webbing
  • LARGE Girth measures 27" to 36" — is made with 1″ webbing
  • X-LARGE Girth measures 30" to 48" — is made with 1″ webbing

  • *Please note: Only the Back Strap will be the color you order, the rest of the harness is black.  If there is a color/size you would like and we do not have it available, please send us a message through the Contact Us page.  We would be happy to special order it for you!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Bonnie Rothenberger

    I love the harnesses I purchased. My dogs would get out of the other ones I had. They have not been able to get out of these.

    Hilary Harwood
    Corgi drama

    I ordered your harness because I couldnt find any other harness that would fit my 40lb Corgi.
    (Think small tractor trailer)
    The size small fits him well, all straps at their full length. My only comment, would be that it has to go on and off over his head, and he doesnt like that.
    (Low growl indicating irritation/ attitude)
    He has a very low center of gravity, and a dominant personality. He wants to be in the lead, and thanks to this harness he doesnt pull like he used to.
    For now, he'll have to get used to having me slip it over his head . He is a drama queen!

    Sandra Messick

    Works well!

    Kathleen Teare
    Great product

    Have one for my other dog really like it

    Nikki Sinibaldi

    So much easier than our previous harness. It can be worn with a front or back leash attachment and so quick to put on. Love it,

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