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Crown to Tail PB & J Sandwich Soft Chew Dog Treats

Kids love a good PB & J Sandwich, and that includes the furry, four-leggers!  Made with all natural peanut butter & chunks of blueberries, this is a healthy snack you can feel good about giving your dog!
Wheat, Corn, & Soy Free | All Natural | Made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

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Shirley Dolitz
My "pinicky" (finicky/picky) Siberian Husky actually really likes these!

My extremely "pinicky" (finicky/picky) Siberian Husky actually really likes these! I received a small bag with my harness purchase and 1st thing I thought was "She won't eat these... she hates just about everything" But to my surprise, she took a nibble then she actually spit it out (which is not unusual for her) then she sniffed it and ate the little piece I gave her and actually looked for more... She ended up eating all of it and licking out bag! (Highly unusual for her as well!) And, no... she is not a senior dog, she's only 11 months old but is extremely "pinicky" about everything she eats! I give this treat a BIG thumbs up! (I actually even tasted it and it was good! Lol)

regina lizotte

My pup will NOT eat most dog food or treats, but she loves Pb&j ... I have tried for 3 yrs to find anything at all she would like. Finally found something she likes! This is actually life saving because I'm not exaggerating 1 bit .. Thank you for making something she actually eats.
And the office staff is Amazing

Joseph Gentile
Excellent product

Delicious treats

Paige Turner
Thank goodness for PB&J

My dog Gracie is dying of cancer. Things are tough all around for everyone here but Gracie is a trooper and is still eating and drinking and wagging her tail and asking for hugs and tummy rubs. And so we go on together for as long as we can. Her appetite comes and goes and keeping her nourished is a challange. The PB & J biscuits are a constant favorite. She will eat one of those when nothing else suits her. They are easy for her to eat and digest. She loves them. So we love them, too, and thank you so much for the quality tasty product she can enjoy. XOXO

Yummy treats!

Our GSP loves the Crown to Tail PB & J Sandwich treats!!

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