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August 25, 2023 2 min read

Among the many national days that add a little frivolous fun to otherwise ordinary weekdays there was one in particular that caught our attention, not least because it celebrated an art form very close to our hearts - and eyes! - National Photograph Your Dog Day. 

As proud pack parents, barely a day goes by without us whipping out our phones to snap whatever cute, goofy, funny, or kind thing our dogs are up to, and adding it to the 16,000 or so photos on our camera rolls. Some of us even go so far as having pet instagrams, and of course following other pets online is one of our favorite things to do! 

The more we thought about it, it occurred to us that the pets we love to see most of all are the ones whose wise humans shop at King Duke’s - take a peek here for some of our own dogs and our pawsome clients’ dogs - so why not make it a thing, our thing, and why not do so right now! 

Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and cats, we hereby announce the King Duke’s Pet Pageant*🐩

Whether yours is a mutt, a Westminster winner, a tiny kitten, or a pair of Persians, we want to see them! Send us your snaps and every month, the winning portrait will get a special King Duke’s prize package with which to spoil your photogenic pet!! What’s more, we’ll also post all the pics to the pack page of our website (say that fast 3 times!!) so you can admire fellow KD doggos and cats. That sound good? Good! 

Simply email your photos to us at hello@kingdukes.com to be included. We truly can’t wait to see you!📸 🤳🏾🐱🐶

*poodles are pageant-y; they just are. 

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