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August 07, 2023 5 min read

When you think of music, dogs may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Well, not unless you are a Professional Dog Writer, in which case dogs are always the first, second, and third thing that comes to mind, but we digress. According to research, music has been shown to have a calming effect on dogs, in particular classical music, which may explain the origins of the 1992 pet comedy, er, classic, Beethoven. Some scholars contend that like people, dogs may have musical preferences that shift depending on their mood; this seems more likely given the number of times Lucy the dachshund has wrested my phone away to switch to her Spotify (which we pay for, but who’s counting?). 

Whatever the case, it occurred to us that there are many songs which have been inspired by dogs, many songs about dogs, and some songs featuring the incredible musical talents of dogs, and that really, we should bring these songs together in one place to celebrate their brilliance. Who doesn’t love a summer playlist, and who doesn’t really, really love a Summer's-for-Dogs Playlist? In reverse order, Billboard Hot 100 countdown style, here are five of our favorite dog-inspired tracks. Tell us yours in the comments!

5. Martha My Dear - The Beatles. 

A band named after a creature, albeit with a variant spelling, will always find its way into our hearts, and kicking off our list is this sweet and cheerful Lennon and McCartney number from 1968. Seeing Paul with his sheepdog, Martha, John remarked he had never seen Paul so loving and happy. This tells us two things; Paul is every bit as great as we always knew him to be, and John had yet to meet the true love of his life, Lily the toy poodle. 

Have a sheepdog like Martha with tons of energy to burn? Then you’ll need one of these extra tough, extra streeeeetchy Chuck It Ultra Tug toys. With a sturdy, 2-ply nylon band attached to an extra durable rubber ball, it’s made for long lasting games of fetch and tug which will tire your dog out. Eventually. Or perhaps your dog is like Lily, a refined and delicate type? If so, she will love this super cute, super soft Fluff and Tuff Cubby Bear, designed to give big snuggles to the littlest friends. When asked, our tester replied: “He’s the perfect pal for more petite pooches.” You heard the lady!

4. Who Let the Dogs Out? - The Baha Men 

A catchy reggae classic for the ages, this bark-driven beat divides critics. It won a Grammy in 2001; in 2007, Rolling Stone ranked it the 3rd most annoying song ever. The hugely influential British DJ, John Peel, championed it; Spinner, a once huge, now defunct, music website declared it the worst single ever. What can we say? They’re all right!

Wherever you fall on this song, there is no question that letting the dogs out is essential, and in summer, the more the better! For dining al fresco, we heartily recommend the Lickimat Outdoor Keeper, an essential piece of kit for keeping hungry dogs entertained and soothed for hours while sneakingly slowing down their rate of ingestion. Ingenious! Pair with the Lickimat Tough Soother, and relax as they tuck in.

3. Suburbia - The Pet Shop Boys 

A band so committed to animals they have them in their name - well kind of - the Pet Shop Boys’ smooth, stylish synth-pop hit, Suburbia, belies the tension and boredom which wrestle each other for control of London's suburban sprawl in the early 1980s. The lyric invites us to take a ride and run with the dogs tonight, and this, together with its characteristically ambitious arrangement, punctuated by barking dogs and police sirens, and resolved with a soaring keyboard melody, makes it an absolute gem of a track. 

No image-conscious dog owner would dream of running with the dogs without one of Le Dogs’ gorgeous leather poop bag holders which mean you can do the dirty in style! Complete with a bag dispenser to give easy access to your poop bags, and designed to snap onto Le Dog Company's leather leashes, they are just the right size to fit a new poop bag roll plus a few extras like chapstick and keys. WE L😍VE. 

 2. Fur Elise - Beethoven

Now this whole thing started with classical music and so naturally we include some in this list. Many of history’s most talented and prolific composers were dog people and we’re totally convinced this was the secret to their success. Fur Elise, one of Beethoven’s most beloved compositions, is believed to have been written for a woman, Therese Malfatti, who declined to marry the composer but whose dog, Gigons, was most taken with him. One of the best things about dogs is that there is no such thing as unrequited love; they always, always love you back. Sigh.

For the dog who holds your heart in his, a bottle of Love Pawtion Number 9 is the perfect gift to show how much you care. Each whimsical Power Plush toy is backed inside with an extra layer of durable mesh to make sure these high-quality, soft plush toys hold up to the scrappiest love bugs as they search for the squeaker! 

1. That’s Just My Crazy Dog - RxckStxr

A less well known track, to be sure, this one earned its place at the top of our chart through a combination of catchiness and sheer applicability to everything - everything - our dogs do. RxckStxr takes us on a journey through his day which, despite his protestations of work and chores, revolves entirely around his dog, and well, we feel seen: 

Woke up to my dog doing yoga / Lookin at me like Namaste / I couldn't leave til it was over / I'm like dog I gotta work today / You so bougie / Gotta get your hair and your nails did / Every toy gotta be chewy / If it ain't you ain't playin’ wit it / When you see me eating something / You act calm like a good doggy / Yeah I know you want some of it / Taking little bites man I know you want more of it. That’s just my crazy dog, that’s just my crazy dog! 

See what we mean?That is only a small section of 10 perfectly observed verses, and seriously it’s our life! Naturally, we wouldn’t have it any other way! You know what, I’m starting to think it might be the humans who are the crazy ones🤔

Whether your dog is tiny or huge, smooth or fluffy, crazy or calm, we know that the sound of their happy bark is music to your ears, and the patter of their paws as they run towards you is the beat you love the most. So with these songs on LOUD, we’ll take our leave for now! Until next time, pack, that’s a RAP!🫶🏼🎶🎼🎧🐾🫶🏼


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