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March 01, 2022 5 min read

To be sure, much is made of the role of dogs in our families and the outsized contribution they make to our health and happiness - indeed much is made of that on this very website by this very author! But this month we want to shine a well-deserved spotlight on the lesser-sung heroes of the person-pet axis ...

The ones who quietly go about their business and resist the attention-grabbing antics of their canine compatriots. The ones whose stealth is unmatched and whose sophistication unquestionable. The ones who were worshiped by the ancient Egyptians, revered by successive dynasties in imperial China, celebrated in song by T.S. Eliot, and are the stars of YouTube’s most popular content. That’s right, the cats. And since it's March, we’re going out on a dainty feline limb and proclaiming Thursday, March 17th as the inaugural Feast of St. Cats! 

As befits the creation of a new holiday - and yes, we have applied to the federal government to recognize it, for who among us wouldn't benefit from an extra day off? - we will begin by listing the many accomplishments which cats can claim:

  1. They are humans’ oldest best friends. Cat skeletons have been discovered in a tomb estimated to be 9,500 years old, which means as early as 7500 BC, cats were keeping us company. And that's how you put the wow in meow.
  2. They were believed to be magical by the ancient Egyptians (a mere 5,000 years ago). While it’s true that dogs were prized for their hunting and guarding skills, cats were considered far more special. So special in fact, that the penalty for bringing about their death, even accidentally, was itself death. The correct way to honor cats was to worship them and that has stuck, with a recent poll revealing that 100% of cats demand to be treated with complete deference at all times*
  3. They are extraordinarily dextrous. Cats use their paws in all sorts of unique and ingenious ways, and none more famously - or politely - than to flush the Byrnes' toilets in the acclaimed Meet The Fockers documentary series. Mr Jinx, we salute you and the many cats you have inspired.
  4. They are art lovers. The basement of the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg is home to 80 cats who protect the 3 million or so items in the collection from hungry mice, and Paris’ Louvre is the setting for the eponymous manga comic book series, Cats of the Louvre. Reports it was a cat which suggested the pyramid structure which covers that museum’s entry are unconfirmed, but given the strong feline bond with art and ancient Egypt, we are convinced. 
  5. They are smart, possessing on average 300 million cerebral cortex neurons. This helps to explain the extraordinary success of Puss In Boots, who worked tirelessly to compensate for the shortcomings of his hapless owner, and the enormous contribution of Dick Whittington’s cat to his human’s political career. See also “Feline Father” Abraham, and Calvin “Catman” Coolidge. 

Given all this, and really, it is a remarkable list of achievements, how should we reward the cats in our lives? They are so glad you asked! As well as the day itself, the King Dukes’ Cat Council has some great ideas for gifts and treats. Follow us!

First up, let’s talk beds. Being awesome, historic, smart, and magical is EXHAUSTING, and any old bed won’t do. Our top pick is this Creative Solutions Heated Pet Bed. That’s right, we said heated! Madewith super-soft foam and a dual-thermostat heater, the Creative Solutions Heated Pet Pad is almost as magical as the cat who sleeps on it - once your pet lies on its heated pad, the temperature rises to match your pet's natural body temperature. Incredible, and, by the way, washable. Wow. 

For a cooler customer, we also love the 4Legs4Pets Premium Cots, whose 5" elevation helps pets stay above hot or damp surfaces, and whose breathable open-weave mesh cover keeps them cool through increased air circulation. Easy to assemble -  no screws, nuts, bolts or tools! - they are ideal for traveling, camping, and boating, or just napping in the backyard. With 6 Premium Tweed fabric colors to choose from coordinating with your decor is easy! 

Once rested, it’s time for some games, to put a fine point on it, laser games. Our feline friends are never happier than when we whip out our Kong® Laser Toy for Cats. Point the bright laser at the wall or floor and let your cat try to capture the elusive prey. The fun and interactive nature of the toy will keep your cat enticed for hours!

Want to kick it up a few levels? Then why not grab a Meowijuana Catnip Get Higher Than A Kite toy?  Add the pawsome, all-natural catnip into this multi-colored kite and your kitty will be floating above cloud 9. The durable construction keeps this kite in the air for an experience so good, your cat won't want to come down. Groovy.

All that  hunting and, er, floating, is hungry work, but of course we can take care of that too! We love the full range of Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Cat Nibbles, which had testers purring over all five flavors: turkey, chicken, whitefish, duck, and rabbit. Plus, they are as good as they taste, since they’re made from the same meats found at your finest natural food stores, like  tasty muscle and organ meats (that are chopped not ground), and high quality fish oils for nutritional support. Yummy! 

Last but not least, a healthy cat is a happy cat, and we love the autoimmune support, hip and joint support, and anti-anxiety benefits offered by Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil. This easy-to-administer supplement provides a complete source of protein, with all 20 amino acids, as well as calcium, zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins. It is rich in omega-3, 6 and 9s, as well as antioxidants like Vitamin E and beta carotene. It has no contraindications, so it won’t interfere with other medications, and has no negative side effects. You might say it’s a purrrfect way to end a purrrfect day, and we wouldn’t blame you!

Siamese, rag doll, munchkin, or tabby; kitten, or senior, or in betweener, we have yet to meet a cat we didn’t like - even the ones who didn’t like us! So this St. Cats Day, don’t forget to give them our love as well as yours! Ciao - and meow - for now. 🐈🐾😻


*We polled all the cats we know and as such, this poll is 100% accurate. . 

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