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January 24, 2022 4 min read 1 Comment

It’s no secret that at King Duke’s, we love, love, love our pets! And it turns out we are in good company; Picasso immortalized his beloved dachshund, Lump, no fewer than 15 times in studies for his Meninas series of paintings, and Paul McCartney’s dog, Martha, had her own song on the White Album. Queen Elizabeth II has kept corgis since her parents gave her a puppy named Susan in 1944, even taking the pampered pup on her honeymoon. Speaking of romance, her majesty was the first ever ‘dorgi’ parent after one of her dogs, er, got together with one of her sister’s dachshunds who clearly had dynastic ambitions. Yes ma’am. And such was the depth of Audrey Hepburn’s devotion to her dog, Mr Famous, he traveled the world with her and had a cameo role in Funny Face. Reports the movie was originally to be named Furry Face remain unconfirmed, but we feel confident. Now while it’s true that we may not be able to serenade our dogs with hit records, accommodate them in royal palaces, promise them stardom on the silver screen - Lucy is particularly disappointed about this one - or paint them into a masterpiece, we can definitely make sure they have the happiest, snuggliest, tastiest Valentine’s Day ever. Prepare to love-bomb them with a range of toys, treats, and themed accessories that will guarantee full hearts and wagging tales. 

First up, walk this way ... That’s right, we have a brand new collection of themed collars. Want to say it with hearts? This super cute collar from Yellow Dog Design is covered with them. With an easy-clip fastener, this natty necker is made in the U.S.A. from vibrant color-fast polyester, and is built for comfort and action! Machine-washable and weather resistant, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and would particularly suit a water dog, field dog, or service dog. The range also features a sweetheart designValentine's owls,hugs-and-kisses pattern, and, for the reluctant hugger, an I-Hate-Valentine’s statement collar 😂😂😂. And to go with these collectable collars, we have luscious leashes! As well as a red-and-pink polka dot option, we recommend a stylish pink-and-black combo or even a green-and-pink. Fancy! 

If, like us, you know the way to your dog’s heart is through her stomach, then you might want to stock up on some extra special sweet treats. Bocce Bakery has our hearts pumping and our stomachs growling with its Red Velvet sweet-and-soft chewy bites. Yum! Made with real cream cheese, beets, and peanut butter, they are 100% wheat free and 1000% delicious. Or how about their apple, raspberry, and cranberry bites, which are also wheat free and as soft as our February hearts? Sigh. But best of all - and we have undertaken extensive tasting! - are these Crown to Tail Love is in the Air crunchy treats. Made with apples for the apple of your eye, and honey for the sweetest thing you know, they are made with love (and without soy, wheat, corn, or preservatives). Swoon!

We find that there is little better with a delicious treat than a cheeky chaser, and we have it on good authority that the dogs agree - so may we present our complete Valentine’s range of tipples. For the latte lover, grab one of our I Love You A Lattes, a fluffy confection of crinkle paper with a squeaky shot! For the romantic dog, Lulubelles Rosé Chompagne, complete with an extra layer of durable mesh fused on the inside and strongly stitched seams as well as a squeaker inside! For the canine connoisseur, what better than Vintage Chompagne? We know of no finer way to have fun. If maximum impact is your pup’s pitch, then grab a bottle of Barking Angel and stand well back, or why not  turn things UP even further with this ingenious Zippy Paws Happy Hour Rose Crusherz? Dogs love the crunchy noise of a water bottle, and now you can put them in this Happy Hours Crusherz for an irresistible dog toy. It comes with a FREE empty water bottle to get you started, and a squeaky cap that can be reused to make any water bottle good and noisy. Finally, for the dog who can’t make up his mind, then there are not one but two Champagne bottles, and a bonus fizz toy, in this Bring Out the Bubbly squeaker set. Hooray! 

Whether you say it with flowers, with fizz, with Llama Love, or with the cutest little cuddler, we know you  will want to spoil your dog more than once in February, so before we go, let us pass on the news that has set our hearts aflutter this soppy season: DOGGY DATE NIGHT IS NOW A THING! That’s right, February 3rd has been designated as official Dog Date Night, and we could not be happier! We will be celebrating with our favorite pet themed movies - Best In Show, Lassie, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, since you ask - a few bottles (ahem) of I Love You More Than Wine and a very well accessorized pack; after all if you can’t don a Puppy Love Bow Tie on date night, when can you? Come by and see us in the store for more ideas, plenty of treats, and free, unlimited belly rubs. We’d truly love to see you all!

For now, however you celebrate, we send you and your fur babies all our love: Happy Valentine’s and Happy Doggy Date Night from the whole King Duke’s team! We really do love you more than wine.🐕🐾♥️🐾💓🐾🐩💘

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Lynn Wagner
Lynn Wagner

March 08, 2023

Oh my gosh, even though I do not currently have a pet, I loved this blog. I am sending it on to friends.

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