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July 26, 2021 3 min read

It’s summer, it’s hot, and, well, we’re melting. So what better than to head to the nearest body of water and settle in for the day? Simple, right? Well sort of … For the most part, our dogs are delightfully straightforward: walks, good; food, great; belly rubs, good; nail trimming, bad. But when it comes to water, well, not so much. 

A totally unscientific - but nevertheless revealing - poll showed that for every lake-loving Lucy there is a pool-preferring Patty, a sea-faring Finley, and even a surf ’n’ Murph. The good news: we didn’t find a single water hater. The even better news? Here at King Duke's, we have all the gear you need for whatever aquatic adventure takes your dog’s fancy. Ready? Let’s dive in (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) … 

First up, wherever the destination, you’re going to need to get there, and you’re definitely going to need snacks for the road. To set the scene, we suggest these delicious shrimp treats from NW Naturals. They are single ingredient snacks which makes them suitable for sensitive dogs, and as well as shrimp, they come in salmon, whitefish, and even minnow flavors. Yes please! And where there are snacks, there should be drinks … We serve ours in Dexas Collapsible Travel Bowls which come with a bottle holder and carabiner clip; truly essential! Speaking of travel, Lucy, Murphy, and Finley recently upgraded to business class with a new car hammock from Kurgo. This amazing piece of kit will not only protect your seats from water, mud, and dirt, as well as keep your dogs safely strapped in, but is also easy to install between the front and back seats. Handy for those of us who are not so handy.

Once you reach the beach, another Kurgo favorite is this perfect portable bed. Waterproof, super-comfy, and equipped with an easy-carry strap, it comes in two sizes and will take you from beach to campsite to backyard; we use ours all year round. We also find our CSJ Creations BioThane® leash comes in handy whatever the season. Made from a special material that doesn’t absorb water, it’s ideal for beach walks, lakeside strolls, or just a rainy day. Plus, it can be ordered in various lengths, numerous colors, and with or without handles - perfect for pooches of any size. Finally, may we suggest keeping a Dexas MudBuster in the car for cleaning sandy paws. We love the beach, but we don’t love vacuuming the car, and, well, you get the drift. 

Now, we mentioned that one of our pack prefers a pool - so spoiled, but who are we to argue! Patty, just for you, we have these cute-as-can-be West Paw Seaflex toys. Made from ocean-bound plastic and recyclable, they come in three fun, floating shapes and can withstand significant chewing. Ideal to keep the hound happy while you sip a frosty cocktail on a float: make ours a Salty Dog*! Oh, and pass that My Dog Nose SPF cream, would you? It offers high protection from the baking sun and can be used on ears, noses, and any other unprotected areas. The 0.5 ounce jar will last 4 months, even with daily use, making it a smart and affordable addition to your dog’s routine. 

Last but absolutely not least, it’s a common misconception that all dogs can swim, and while some breeds are designed for the water, others fare less well. We never take chances with our pack, and we know you won’t with yours, so be sure to pick up a life vest for your four legged friend. This surf-and-turf model keeps dogs safe in the water with its easy-grab handles, high visibility trim, and bright color, and it doubles as a raincoat when they’re on er, less-than-dry land. It’s also machine washable - yay! - and comes in sizes XS to XL. 

Whatever splashing-about you do, we wish you happy beach, lake, and pool days! Stay cool, friends, and don’t forget your beach towel! 

*A relative of the Greyhound, a Salty Dog is delicious cocktail made with 1 part vodka (or gin) to 2 parts grapefruit juice and a salty rim. Aye, aye, cap'n! ⛵🍹🌊

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