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August 24, 2021 3 min read

You will know by now, dear reader, that King Duke’s is a place for dogs. Large dogs, small dogs, cool dogs, shy dogs, senior dogs, puppies; we love them all. But you know what else we love? CATS! And we think it’s time we showed them just how much. Sure, cats are known for their fierce independence, and, er, occasional fierce defense of their territory, but we feel no such defensiveness: we are here for the cats and we are not afraid to say it. So it is with great pride that we present our first annual feline fȇte, henceforth to be known as the King Duke’s Catapalooza! Step this way… 

Like all good parties, we’ll start with refreshments. We’ve yet to meet a cat who isn’t discerning about what she eats, so it is with considerable relish that we recommend Fromm Four Star Cat Food’s delicious Game Bird variety. This grain-free entrée is a blend of duck, turkey, quail, pheasant, with Wisconsin cheese, and an assortment of fresh fruits & vegetables. Purrfection, if we say so ourselves. Perhaps your cat prefers a raw diet? In which case, how about Northwest Naturals Freeze-dried Cat Nibbles, made from the same meats found at the finest natural food stores, simply chopped, then quick- frozen. Their recipes are equally simple: chicken and turkey varieties use muscle meat, organ meat, and natural raw ground bone with no added fruits or vegetables - a carnivore’s delight.

In common with her canine and human friends, once fed, a cat’s thoughts may turn to rest; even the most party-forward among us needs a disco nap. There is no finer way to relax than atop the Creative Solutions Heated Pet Pad. This ingenious piece of kit comes in two sizes and can be used alone or inside your cat’s bed to create a warm and cozy cushion; buy it now or regret it come winter!

Once rested, we imagine your cat will be looking to raise his or her accessories game; if so, we have just the thing. Our friends at Yellow Dog Design have upped their feline bona fides with a range of collars and harnesses, including these fabulous bandana Cat Collars and we are in love. Choose from one of five colors, or pick a seasonal design, and prepare for catcalls (sorry, we couldn’t resist). 

Now that we have the essentials covered, our thoughts turn to party games. A playful cat is a happy cat, and we have the best toys in the business. Allow us to share a few of our favorites! Coming in hot is this super-fun organic catnip sausage from our friends at Hot Cat. This 16-inch denim “sausage” toy is stuffed solid with aromatic, certified organic catnip herb, so it can rouse the biggest, baddest, and oldest cats into a kitten-like playfulness. Made of the sturdiest denim, even the toughest cat can really sink her teeth - and claws - into it and wrestle fiercely while you hold the other end without getting mauled. Bonus! In keeping with the party theme, how about this Meowijuana Get Lit Birthday Cake? There’s no better way to celebrate your cat's birthday or adoption day than to, er, get lit, and the high-grade, all-natural Meowijuana* in this refillable, ultra-soft catnip toy will satisfy your cat's cravings in grand style. This toy was made for pawtiers! Finally, a sure-fire feline fan favorite is this Kong Interactive Laser Cat Toy, made to engage even the cleverest of cats; we think you’ll love it as much as your pet does. 

All good parties must come to an end, but before we go, we want to offer our kitty crew a few treats to say thanks for stopping by. Every cat we know goes crazy for these Northwest Naturals freeze-dried treats which come in 11 single-ingredient varieties, so there is truly something tasty and nutritious for even the fussiest feline. Dogs love them too, but judging from the look on Nelson’s face, that is totally irrelevant. Sorry, Nelson, these ones are ALL FOR YOU. 

And on that slightly scary note, we're off for a much-needed catnap. We'll be sleeping with one eye open just in case.😳😾😹

*Meowijuana is made from 100% organic catnip grown in Washington State and California. Groovy, baby. 

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