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BarknBig - Bison Puffs

The BarknBig Bison Puffs are high end healthy treats coming from the Bison Lung. Lungs and organ meats in general contain a different profile of nutritive components than muscle meats. These particular treats are not very dense, making them easier to eat for dogs with teeth or gum issues. 

  • Manfuctured and packaged in USA
  • Resealable 5oz Bag
  • Single Ingredient Treat: Bison Lung
  • Dehydrated in Apple Cider Vinegar

 BarknBig started manufacturing premium products in 2014. Our founders, Mark and Erik Johnson (Father and Son) simply wanted to create a company for the pet parent by the pet parent. We strive to produce and present products that help our dogs become both whole in spirit and health.