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  • Benebone - Dental Chew

    With patented ridges to maintain your pup's dental hygiene, Benebone's Dental Chew will have your furry friend excited for their next dental visit to show off their pearly whites. Its curved design offers a paw-friendly hold for easily and eagerly chomping. After all, dogs lack thumbs. Not only does the Dental Chew satisfy your pup's chewing desires, but it also doubles as an entertaining tug toy. How dog-gone delicious is that? It's like a bacon-flavored toothbrush! Woof!

    • Not recommended for intense chewers
    • This toy is for chewing, not eating

    When to Swap Out: Keep an eye open for wear and tear - in about a month, most pups will have chewed Benebone into submission. Flakes the size of rice? No problem. But if it seems like bigger bits are about to break off, it's time to swap for a fresh one.

    Calling all allergy sufferers! Benebone's dental chew is created in a facility that also handles nuts, including peanuts (but no need to fret, it's still perfectly safe to chomp on). Just remember to monitor your chewing and toss the chew if it gets damaged or too worn. Let's keep things fun and safe for everyone!

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