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Dolan's Dog Doodads - The Cruiser Leash

This is a unique and versatile leash that you will find.

  • Double snap lead by attaching both snaps to your dog's harness.
  • Walk two dogs at once
  • Courier style  
  • Hook your dog to your table while out at dinner
  • Wear around your waist
  • Size: 3/4 x 8'


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Customer Reviews

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Tyler p
Best leash I've bought yet!

First I cannot believe I'm the first to write a review for this leash.
I bought the Dolans Dog Doodads Cruiser Leash for my dog and I’m very happy with it. It’s the best leash I’ve ever owned and I’ve tried at least five different ones before. What I love most about it is the options to make it a short leash or over the shoulder. It’s very convenient and comfortable for me and my dog. The only thing that could be improved is the waist option. It says in the description that it can go around your waist, but it’s not very adjustable and it barely fits me. If you have a different waist size, it might not work for you. Other than that, I highly recommend this leash to anyone looking for a versatile and durable product.👍

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