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Jolly Pet - Tree Tugger

Transform your pup's playtime with the Jolly Pets Tree Tugger™! This interactive bungee can be easily hung from a tree branch or second story deck, providing endless entertainment as your dog jumps, hurls, and tugs on the durable toy. With adjustable height, this is the perfect tug-o-war simulation for dogs of all sizes. Plus, heavy chewers will love the challenge of trying to get their paws on this sturdy toy.
  • Chase - Sure to give your dog a run for their money
  • Tug - Playing tug-o-war helps your dog relieve stress
  • Solo Play- Interactive bungee gently tugs back for entertaining solo play
  • Made of Ballistic Nylon Bungee
Supervise your dog and properly dispose of all packaging when playing with this toy. Some parts may pose a choking hazard to pets and children if removed, so discard immediately if damaged.

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