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LickiMat - Splash

Revitalize bath time, grooming, and vet visits with a Splash! The suction cap enables it to adhere to any solid surface, including tiles, glass, and laminates. Simply spread your furry friend's beloved soft treats on the mat, turning it into an exciting game as they lick and seek out each scrumptious morsel. For a cool and longer-lasting experience, freeze treats during the summer. Endorsed by veterinarians and animal experts globally!

  • Repetitive licking is soothing for your pet, releasing a calming hormone into the body
  • No over feeding because Lickimat makes a small tasty treat last longer
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Suitable for cats, puppies, small and medium dogs (supervise pet for first few times until sure they will not chew mat)
  • Freezer safe and Dishwasher safe
  • 5 x 19 cm/ 2" x 7 1/2"

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