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  • Northwest Naturals - Freeze Dried Necks for Pets

    Many pets have food related sensitivities and will benefit from a single ingredient treat.

    Raw Rewards are highly palatable and easy to feed. Dogs Love them and Cats do too!

    The convenient pieces break easily to allow for quick and easy feeding while training. The soft texture also lets you crumble them over your pets food for not only a nutritional boost but a highly palatable addition. Moisture is an important part of your pets diet. Always make sure fresh water is available.

    All Treats are Single Ingredient


    The Northwest Naturals mission is to provide pet-lovers the option of feeding their pets a health-enhancing, life-prolonging and easy-to-feed food. Our products are carefully formulated based upon the most advanced science and principles of raw food diet preparation.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Theresa Adams
    Our Pack's Favorite!

    I've got 2 treat gulpers in my pack and the Northwest Natural dehydrated raw necks are the perfect antidote to worry about a too big piece of bully stick getting lodged in the throat.

    The Turkey necks are pretty big and even a 100lb dog would be able to enjoy crunching their way through one. My pack averages 50-55lbs and the Duck necks are the perfect size. I snap the very large Turkey necks in half for them and the Chicken necks are much smaller and the perfect addition to a raw dinner bowl.

    I'd also add - my senior 53lb terrier boy has lost 6 teeth and I had to stop giving him any tough chews which left me worried about missing out on that aspect of dental health. The necks are working out perfectly as a replacement for him!

    They LOVE the crunch! We all highly recommend!
    King Duke's has THE BEST prices! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    Mary Ann Edinger
    Northwest naturall freeze dried turkey duck and chicken necks

    Oh my dogs love those they think that they're the best thing ever the chicken necks I can actually break in half because they're so large I order them all the time literally all the time for my dogs and King Duke has the cheapest prices that you could imagine every other site went double that

    Susan Hampton-imperati
    Awesome Turkey necks!

    Ive got a 150lb bullmasstiff who is allergic to EVERYTHING plus has Secondary Addison’s disease. Getting him to eat has been so so hard.
    These turkey necks(even though he tested being allergic to turkey) have been a savior. Helps put the correct wieght on him and he loves them.Natural Rewards is one of the best food co ive delt with.

    My dog loves it!

    My dog loves it!

    Mary dukes
    Travel Savior

    The only healthy chew choice when flying.