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Northwest Naturals - Freeze Dried Nuggets for Dogs 12oz

  • An easy way to feed raw on the go.
  • Easy to break apart – great for treats and training.
  • Extremely palatable. Nutritional snack or meal for any picky pet.
  • Nutritional meal or supplement for injured or post surgery pets.
  • Crumble over your pet’s kibble for natural bio-available food supplement topper.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great Product and Excellent Service

My dog adores Northwest Naturals and they are a wonderful addition to his kibble.

Rosalind HARRIS
A Golden Nugget of Great Nutrition!

As a Lifetime Passionate Animal Lover and Advocate of Integrative Health....and having had 5 precious pups in the past 56 years, I have learned by trial and error and lots of research which are the best dog foods on the market....My 13 1/2 year old golden long haired Chihuahua, Hazel, has been on Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Nugget Dog Food (I get all flavors for variety in her menu, plus the treat foods), recently had blood tests for a teeth cleaning......Her blood tests were PERFECT!! Her cleaning went superbly without even one tooth needing to be extracted....A real milestone!! The bottom line is that DOGS NEED ORGAN MEAT...(the first thing an animal in the wild eats after a kill, is the heart, kidneys and liver)....Dog foods in the past were atrocious..fillers, grains, indesciminate body parts, and a plethora of other unhealthy ingredients...the worst of which is in canned foods (not to mention that the metal lining can leak into the food and cause high levels of toxicit......YUCH...Since I switched to Northwest Naturals, freeze dried nugget food, my beloved dog has terrific energy & playfulness, a beautiful coat, healthy blood tests and good teeth, and perfectly formed stool....never gets diarrhea...a big problem with other dog foods!!!
My prayer is that she lives to be 25 years old!!!! BTW, the nuggets are generally pretty velvety, and easy to crumble ....If a bag comes out a bit firmer it’s not a problem, just squeeze a bit harder to crumble
I am so grateful to NORTHWEST NATURALS for being a SUPERB FOOD for my treasured pet....assuring her a long and healthy life!

Norma Appel

They love it! This last shipment didn’t seem as fresh, lots of powdered crumbs and nuggets weren’t as plump.

Karen Kisgen
My dog loves this

My German Shepard mix is a very picky eater. I started giving Northwest Naturals and used them as a topper to his dry dog food. I no longer have a problem with him eating and he loves it. He will not eat unless he has this with his dry food. So glad I purchased this. On less worry for both of us.

Kym Duncan
Great Treat

My pugs love these

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