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December 05, 2022 4 min read

Confounding as it is, December is here. And just as we began to write the next sentence, something along the lines of "each year seems to fly by faster than the last", we were struck by a greater impulse: to google why this is so. Well it turns out it’s science! It’s actually to do with the difference between the number of new experiences we have vs. those which are familiar to us. So as kids, everything is new, and that’s really cool; all those new things, combined with our brains’ super-speedy processing power - which yes, slows down as we age, BOOO! - means days feel shiny and bright and long and rich. Not so much when we are older. BOOO again; it turns out the more you know, well you get it. BUT, dear reader, just as you prepare to scroll away from this and onto pastures, er, new: WAIT. We have the answer, yes we do! We are not in the business of less joy, but more, and now we know the secret, we can guarantee a December that is one of the shiniest, brightest, and most memorable, thanks to being chock full of fun new things. Let’s go! 

First up, a few slightly esoteric holidays you likely won't have celebrated before! We confess, National Horse Day is a new one for us too, but all the better for it. Why not give a nod and a neigh to our equine pals with this fantastic Tuffy toy? Howie the Horse, Jr., is made from 4 layers of ultra-durable material surrounding a squeaker that will challenge even the most committed canines. Plus, it’s washable, floatable, and made from 100% safe, non toxic fiber. We’d say it’s a sure bet! Or how about National Dewey Decimal Day? If the goal is new memories to catalog for future delight, this is spot on! As befits the man who made sure we can find what we need in libraries the world over, we suggest formal attire with a dapper red plaid long tie from the style mavens at Huxley & Kent. Totally versatile and attachable to any collar, it’s perfect for holiday parties and festive photoshoots, as well as organizing books and folios. 

Speaking of parties, ICE CREAM! December 13th is National Ice Cream day and we are here for it. While it is not without precedent to mention ice cream in these pages, the fact is, this kind of content is always novel. There is no better way, possibly no other way, to celebrate this important occasion than with our vast and delicious selection of Puppy Scoops Pups’ Ice Cream! For the three or four people out there who have not read our previous praise for it, here’s the 411: Puppy Scoops is real dairy ice cream - but lactose free! - in shelf stable format, to which you simply need add hot water, then stir, and freeze. Delicious, easy, and designed for dawgs. We especially love the Peanut Butter and Maple Bacon flavors, but dammit every single one of these low-fat phat boys is the bomb! Now it just so happens that December 13th is also National Cocoa Day, but since we all know very well that dogs should NEVER eat any kind of cocoa or chocolate product, we have instead decreed it to be Milk & Cookies day. We invite you to join us with this squeak-tastic ZippyPaws Milk & Cookies burrow toy  - as delicious as it is fun - and a post-play snack of Crown to Tail Oatmeal Cookie soft-chew treats. Double yum!

Moving on. Actual major holidays abound in December, with Hanukkah and Christmas topping the list of seasonal joys, and we are more than ready with new merch that’s sure to make this holiday season one to remember. What are we waiting for? We love, love, love this Zippy Paws Hanukkah dreidel which is as plush as it is perfect for playtime, with not one but two squeakers inside. Whoop! Or how about this checkerboard star-print Yellow Dog collar and leash, which are made from vibrant, color-fast polyester and built for comfort and action! They are machine washable and weather resistant, perfect for your indoor or outdoor dog, water dog, field dog, or service dog. PS, we have cat collars in the same design too! Meow :) In need of a holiday gift? We can’t think of a lovelier present than these fabulous Joy Veh & Shalom plush bones squeaker sets from Lulubelles. As tough as they are cute, we can’t resist ‘em!

Meanwhile for those who celebrate Christmas, we have all your bases covered. We love all our children equally, but if we had to pick, we would start with these dog-tastic tree ornaments from Primitives By Kathy. We admit we are a tiny bit biased, but whose life isn’t improved by three spindly wooden dogs wearing Santa hats and holly collars? Exactly. We are equally charmed by these Lupinepet Christmas leashes which come in a natty Fair Isle pattern, or adorned with plump penguins; honestly, get both. After a bracing December walk, your four-legged friend will doubtless be in need of a snack, and this year, all the cool kids are serving Crown To Tail Christmas Breakfast Crunchy Treats for, er, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we can see why. Packed with oatmeal and rye, and flavored with natural bacon and maple, they are utterly delicious! Hot tip: we are pairing them with Bocce Bakery’s Holiday Feast Turkey, Pumpkin & Cranberry Bites, and the feedback has been exceptional. And last but not least, host or guest, holiday parties are thirsty work, so you will need refreshing “drinks” in the form of these Fringe Studios Christmas Brew chew toys. Bottom’s up!

However you choose to celebrate his holiday season, remember, the more the better! And while we can’t slow the year down, we can make sure every day is packed with fun stuff guaranteed to make the best of memories. Happy Holidays, friends, and a HUGE festive cheer of thanks for your support this year. We’ll see you here just before the turn of 2023, and until then, cheers! 🕎🎄🎅🏿🐎🎁🍾❄️📚🍦

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