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December 27, 2022 5 min read

In the hinterland between Christmas and New Year, there is a raft that, while invisible to most, is a beacon to columnists. That raft, commonly known as The End of Year Quiz, is the writers’ answer to leftovers. Allow this writer to elaborate: between January and the third week of December, stuff happens. So much stuff, in fact, that writers find themselves at a 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week all-you-can-eat buffet, and the real skill - as with all buffets - is knowing what to, er, fetch and what to leave behind. But come December 21st, give or take a day, the feast gives way to the fast. The chafing dishes are removed, the garnishes cleared away, the mini ketchup and mustard packets* returned to their boxes for a much-needed break, and, to continue this metaphor (you’ve made it this far!), this grazer might go hungry. BUT WAIT! What if a meal could be conjured from the many, many plates enjoyed up to this point? That would certainly solve a problem!

And there you have it: quizzes, like leftovers, make something new from feasts past, and done well, they are a tasty delight equal to the very best dishes. Phew. We got there. Anyone hungry? Yes! Then allow me to serve you a veritable banquet of treats from the last twelve months in new and delicious ways: the King Dukes’ Holiday Quiz! Ready, set, GO!

*surely the most thrilling part of any meal. I LOVE those minis. 

OK, QUIZ TIME 😎 (PS answers below, scroll and scroll some more):

In January 2022, the American Kennel Club recognized two new breeds. Were they: 

a. The Hungarian mudi and the Russian toy
b. The Scottish setter and the Slovakian mountain dog
c. The Clumber spaniel and the Dutch kooikerhondje
February is an ideal time of year to try the ancient sport of dog-sledding, which can be enjoyed in states from Alaska to Maine. But which dog famously rescued the people of Nome in February, 1925, when he helped deliver a life-saving serum?
a. Malto
b. Balto
c. Sholto 
March 2022 saw the publication of new research about dogs’ potential to help treat pain in Emergency Rooms. According to the study, how long did patients need to spend with a dog to feel an improvement?
a. 30 minutes
b. 15 minutes
c. 10 minutes

In April, we were able to secure an exclusive interview with Callie the Shiba Inu, who had recently moved to New York City. But how much do you know about this wonderful breed? True or false, kids: 

a. Shibas almost became extinct during WW2, but were revived by an enterprising breeder to become one of the USA’s most popular dogs. 
b. There is a crypto currency named Shiba Inu, with 1 SHIB = $0.000008 
c. Sheeba is the most popular name for Shibas, with 17% of the breed so named.

May is National Pet Month, when pets of all kinds are rightly feted, but in May 2022, one dog in particular was recognized after she saved her owner from an attack by a mountain lion! Was this dog:

a. Elsa the Bernese mountain dog
b. Elvira the Bavarian hound
c. Eva the Belgian Malinois
A highlight of the canine calendar is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (the second-longest-continuously-held sporting event in the USA, fact fans!), which in 2022 took place over four days in June. The winner of best in show was a beautiful boy named Trumpet, but what is his breed?
a. Samoyed
b. French bulldog
c. Bloodhound
July is the most remarkable of months, when one type of dog in particular steals the limelight, finding itself in backyards, beaches, and boardwalks across the nation. That’s right, July is HOT DOG month! We began with a food based-metaphor, and so it's fitting that the midpoint of our quiz is devoted to this delicious all-American treat! But here’s the thing: not all hotdogs are served the same way. Can you match the topping to the state or city? 
a. Chili, mustard & onion 
b. Mustard & onion
c. Sauerkraut & Swiss 
It wouldn’t be August without a trip to the beach, and many dogs enjoy splashing about as much as their humans do; as with children, extreme care must be taken to ensure safety. Not all dogs can swim, and even those who can may not be strong swimmers. For most dogs, a lifejacket is a great idea, but in rare cases, dogs themselves can be lifesavers! Which dog breed famously included Boo, who rescued a drowning man from the Yuba River? 
a. Spanish Water Dog
b. Chesapeake Bay Retriever 
c. Newfoundland
In common with many of their human counterparts, September is the month when dogs’ thoughts turn to back-to-school preparations. One of our dogs, Lucy, is not only possessed of such insight that she goes by @thewisewiener on Instagram, but is also extremely well-traveled and so she set this question for us! Each of these dogs is named for a city, but in which country is each city found?
a. Lhasa Apso
b. Norfolk Terrier
c. Leonberger
d. Dogue de Bordeaux
e. Bouvier de Flandres

f. Ragapalayam

October is famous for its many film festivals, which take place in cities around the world, but one very special city hosts both dog and cat film festivals! Can you name it? 

a. London
b. Paris
c. New York 

November is of course the month we give thanks for all sorts of lovely things, and it’s widely thought that there were two dogs at the very first Thanksgiving in Plymouth in 1621. Do you know what breeds they were? 

      a. A setter & a spaniel 
      b. A mastiff & a setter 
      c. A spaniel & a mastiff 
Last, but not least, December! In the 2009 Oscar-worthy epic, The Search For Santa Paws, what breed was Paws? 
      a. Great Dane 
      b. Great Pyrenees 
      c. Great Setter 

And on that tasty morsel, my friends, this feast must draw to a close; we've had our fill and we really hope you have enjoyed each course as much as we have! 

Before we go, some thanks: first, for playing and for indulging our desire for trivia and ephemera; secondly, and most importantly, for all your support in 2022 - we truly love each and every one of you, and can't wait to see you in 2023!!

Ciao for now, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🥂🍾🎉🎊🐾♥️




































January (a), February (b), March (a), April (a - true; b - true; c - false), May (c), June (c), July (a - Michigan; b - New York; c - Kansas City), August (c), September (a - Tibet; b - UK; c - Germany; d - France; e - Belgium; f - India), October, (c) November (c), December (b). 



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