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  • December 29, 2023 4 min read

    We recently learned that the liminal space between Christmas and New Year is known by some as Twixtmas, and while we have no objection, to us it will always be Quizmas. At some point, the food, the family, the gifts, and the fun turn into the forgetting of your own name, and when that point hits, it’s Quizmas Time. A gentle first step on the path towards sentience and sanity, and a comforting reminder of your ability to read things besides txts, refund policies, and cooking instructions. Our quiz of course has the added benefit of being composed entirely from animal magic, and we all know that is the very best kind... 

    So here, with maximum furry, feathery fanfare, we present the second annual King Duke’s Quizmas Special. Enjoy! 

    1. The year got off to a breathtaking start for a group of lucky whale watchers who witnessed the birth of a calf on a trip off the California coast in January. But what breed were the proud mom and her baby?

    a. Orca.
    b. Gray.
    c. Sperm. 
    d. Minke. 

      Now you’ve answered, see mama whale and her brand new calf here! 


      2. The winter months are often referred to as the hunger gap, but this February, a canny Californian woodpecker got ahead of the hunger games by storing its acorns in the walls of a house in Glen Ellen. How much had the wily woodpecker stashed?

      a. 500 lbs.
      b. 600 lbs.
      c. 700 lbs.
      d. 800 lbs. 

      Full (to-the-brim) report here.


      3. In Alice in Wonderland, the March Hare is famously confused. What does he believe the time to be?

      a. Tea time.
      b. Nap time. 
      c. Party time. 
      d. Hammer time.


      4. You would be forgiven for thinking this NPR story (no peeking!) was an April Fool, but in spite of its timing, it was terrifyingly true. What happened? 

      a. A South African pilot discovered a highly venomous Cape Cobra in the cockpit whilst captaining a private jet and was forced to make an emergency landing. 

      b. An Egyptian captain discovered a highly venomous Nile Asp in the wheelhouse of a luxury Nile cruise boat and was forced to make an emergency docking. 

      c. A Kenyan safari guide discovered a highly venomous Black Mamba under the passenger seat of a luxury safari truck and was forced to evacuate the vehicle. 

      d. A Zimbabwean train driver discovered a highly venomous Mozambique Puff Adder in a guest cabin on a luxury trip to the Victoria Falls and was forced to have passengers sleep in the dining car until the snake could be captured. 


      5. In May, residents of Perry, Iowa (pop. 7836) were terrorized by what out of control interloper? 

      a. A furious fox! 
      b. A raging raccoon!
      c. A grouchy groundhog!
      d. A bad bunny!

        Read the story here


        6. In June, surfers at the Steamer Lane breakpoint in Santa Cruz, CA, reported a series of aggressive surf-board hijackings by a 5 year old from what species? 

        a. Seal.
        b. Sea lion.  
        c. Sea otter.
        d. Saltwater beaver.

          Full report here!


          7. In July, a giraffe was born at Bright’s Zoo in Limestone, TN. What marked the calf as unusual? 

          a. She was born 8 feet tall.
          b. She was born with no spots.
          c. She was born at the stroke of midnight.
          d. She was born back legs first.

            See Kipekee here; CW: CUTE OVERLOAD!


            8. August 11th is said to mark the end of the ‘dog days of summer’, but why are these days so named? 

            a. Because in summer, dogs bark more due to the length of the days.
            b. Because in summer, the dog star rises and sets with the sun.
            c. Because in summer, working dogs would take a week vacation along with their master.
            d. Because in summer, dogs sleep longer due to the higher temperatures.

              Learn more about the dog days of summer in our exclusive King Duke’s guide right here!


              9. September 8th marked the first anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, known for her enduring love of horses and dogs. What was the name of her first pet corgi? 

              a. Sarah. 
              b. Serena. 
              c. Sandy.
              d. Susan. 

                Want more celebrity dog gossip? It’s right here!


                10. In October, the world's oldest dog, Bobi the Portuguese Rafeiro do Alentejo, died after a remarkable, and remarkably long, life. How old was Bobi when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge? 

                a. 28
                b. 34
                c. 31
                d. 29

                  Read about Bobi’s AMAZING life here


                  11. On the evening of Saturday November 11th, a lion named Kimba escaped from a circus and roamed the streets of a seaside town in which European country? 

                  a. Greece
                  b. Spain 
                  c. Croatia
                  d. Italy

                    The full story of Kimba’s Big Night can be found here


                    12. In December, Taylor Swift was named Time Person of the Year (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but with which cat did she grace the December cover?

                    a. Benjamin Button.
                    b. Meredith Grey. 
                    c. Olivia Benson. 
                    d. Villanelle. 

                      Read all about Taylor’s fabulous felines here!

                      Okay, folks, that's a wrap! Scroll for answers, but before you go, let us wish you and your pack a happy, healthy, joy-filled New Year!

                      Here's to 2024! 🥂♥️🥳🐾🧹🐕









                      KEEP SCROLLING...







                      JUST A BIT FURTHER...








                      ALMOST THERE!








                      PIVOT! (JK, one for the Friends fans - IKY,YK!)








                      B C A A D C B B D C D A 

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