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  • May 10, 2022 6 min read

    Did you know that May is National Pet Month? We didn’t either, but in our defense, this is because it’s been National Pet Month every month since King Dukes was born, and ever thus shall be. Nevertheless, it is our duty - and our pleasure - to mark this extra special time in two parts. First of all, we honored the rescues: to mark Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and we had an exclusive interview with Callie, a 3 month-old Shiba Inu / Corgi cross, who found her forever home in New York City’s West Village a month ago. You can read it here. Secondly, we have prepared a special King Duke’s guide for new pet parents so they can become puppy pros in no time. What are we waiting for?!


    Every new parent’s journey starts in a car (well, nearly everyone’s, and we’re not here to split dog hairs) and that’s why our first recommendation is the ingenious Kurgo Dog Booster Seat. Your new pup can travel in style in his very own comfortable, safe car seat, where he can see out the window and enjoy the ride. The stylish heathered fabric version of Kurgo's award-winning Dog Car Seat gets Fido off your lap so he can't interfere with your driving and cause an accident. Next to you, or behind you, your pup is just a safe reach away. With a waterproof exterior, and machine washable liner and pad, this seat holds dogs up to 30 lb, and can be installed quickly and securely on either the front or back of a bucket seat. It has metal supports for structural integrity, is collapsible for easy storage, and has an adjustable seat belt tether that easily attaches to any dog harness to keep your pup in place. We recommend using it with the Kurgo Impact Harness (sold separately), which we believe to be best-in-class. Based on 8 years of engineering expertise, the Impact Harness is a totally new design made from a single piece of high-tensile tubular webbing with reinforced bar tacking. It has been tested at an established university testing facility, using the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for child restraint systems, and as such, enables travel far and wide comfortably and confidently. To complete the trifecta, we love the Kurgo Up & About Dog Lifter; not all pet parents are welcoming pups, and any senior adopters (yay for seniors!) will find this super comfy and supportive harness a great tool for helping their dog get into the car or up steps. It fits dogs with chests up to 36” and who weigh between 50-90 lbs. 


    Okay, so now you’re home, your pup is exploring every inch with her snout, and you are awaiting the moment she finds her brand new, super cozy, super comfy bed (or beds)! Adult dogs sleep for about 13 hours a day, with pups and seniors clocking in a whopping 20 HOURS of snooze time, and thus exemplary sleeping stations are a must! Our tip top picks are the West Paw Heyday bed, which is covered with a silky-and-textured fabric that’s baby-blanket soft and ultra durable. The micro suede bottom is easy to clean and like all of our beds, it is stuffed with eco-friendly IntelliLoft, because none of us can afford to sleep on caring for the planet. For those who live in the warmer parts of the country, or the most humid - or if you’re really lucky, both - we have a great solution to help your pup stay cool, calm, and collected: the 4Legs4Pets Premium Weave Pet Cot. With a 5" elevation, pets stay clear of hot or damp surfaces, and the breathable open weave mesh cover keeps them cool through increased air circulation. They are very easy to assemble and require no screws, nuts, bolts or tools, and are lightweight too, which makes them ideal for traveling, camping, and boating, or just napping in the backyard! What’s more, with 6 Premium Weave fabric colors and 22 leg colors to choose from, these cots are completely customizable so coordinating with your décor is easy!  


    If sleep is a dog’s biggest use of time, then eating is surely one of their most joyful and, in some cases, messiest! Whether your new dog is dainty and delicate, or boisterous and begrimed, you will need feeding bowls, and we have some of the tastiest around! One of our favorites is this pair of West Paw No Slip Bowls, made from no-slip Seaflex, which is recycled ocean-bound plastic! Super easy and super eco-friendly, this is dining at its finest. Got yourself a sloppy eater? No probs! Grab this awesome double feeder set from Messy Mutts which includes two copper-colored bowls and a silicone non-slip mat. Pawfect! We love the look of the gleaming copper finish almost as much as we love protecting our floors from chow and water! And for the *even messier* mutt, then why not serve her meals atop the Soggy Doggy (😂😂) Super Absorbent Slop Mat? It's made from super absorbent, microfiber chenille, a sponge-like material that absorbs five-times more water than regular cotton placemats, keeping floors dry and clean even with the messiest drinkers. The quick-drying material remains bacteria and odor-free and, as well as keeping the kitchen clean, makes a perfect crate-liner, travel bed and doormat for smaller dogs too. Did we mention it comes in 5 colors? We did now! We also have bottle n’ bowl combos for travel, and slow feeders for fast eaters; yes, we’ve got all bases covered!


    Speaking of travel, you and your new-found friend are going to spend some of the best times together walking, hiking, and finding new things. For that, you will of course need a leash and collar, and we have plenty to suit all types of dog. If you are looking for something chic & simple, something bright, or something fun, we have something for you! Amongst our most popular for pups are these brilliant Wonder Walker Harnesses which are especially suitable for training. The halter places control of your dog around his center of gravity, rather than his head or neck, and moves the training cues from the head and neck to the dog’s body. This makes use of a dog’s instinctive push / pull reflex, called the opposition reflex, fact fans, and the reason why so many dogs pull while on leash — as you pull, they pull back. Instead, this rig is designed to keep your dog from pulling while learning to walk on a loose leash. What’s more, it has five adjustment points that allow the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© to easily fit dogs from the small to the tall. Woof! 


    As dinner proves, being a dog can be a messy business and not just at meal times: whether yours is a city dog whose paws pound the sidewalk, or a country dog who makes a beeline for mud, the Dexas MudBuster, an innovative and easy way to rinse your dog’s dirty or muddy paws before they track it all over the place, will be your new best friend! Simply add a little water to the base of the unit, then, insert the paw, do the twist, dab dry, and repeat for 3 more feet! It features an array of soft, gentle, thick silicone bristles inside an easy-to-grip tumbler which are designed to be gentle on your pup's paw, loosening mud and dirt, keeping the mess in the MudBuster and not in your home or car. Great for trips to the park, hiking, running or even playing outside, we don’t leave - or return - home without it! For the days when a bath is inevitable, this probiotic pet shampoo & conditioner from Skout’s Honor uses nature’s own tools and ingredients to help restore your dog’s coat to shiny, healthy glory and sooth any itching or dryness. Finally, the incredible, ultra-absorbent Soggy Doggy shammy for dogs and cats can be used after a bath or simply after a wet walk to speed your dog back to floofy fluffiness. Phew!


    And last but not least, training. Treats and YouTube tutorials can take you a long way when it comes to helping your dog figure out how to be a dog, but sometimes you need a little helping hand too. At King Duke’s, we keep an up-to-date list of local trainers, walkers, sitters, and whisperers, as well as a huge selection of "petwares". We LOVE to meet new friends, so if you’re local to Beaverton, OR, why not stop by and say hi.

    All pets are welcome, and we have ALL THE TREATS! We hope to see you very soon!! 🐈 🐾♥️🐶🐩

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