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April 29, 2022 4 min read

Did you know that May is National Pet Month? To tell you the truth, we didn’t either, but in our defense, this is because it’s been National Pet Month every month since King Duke's was born, and ever thus shall be. Nevertheless, it is our duty - and our pleasure - to mark this extra special time in two parts. First of all, we’re going to honor the rescues: this Saturday, April 30th, is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and we have an exclusive interview with Callie, a 3 month-old Shiba Inu / Corgi cross, who found her mom, Elena, and her forever home in New York City’s West Village a month ago. Secondly, we’re going to share a guide for new pet parents so they can be sure they have everything they need to nail it. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin!

We arrived to interview Callie on a perfect spring day in NYC and so when she suggested a stroll down by the Hudson River, we were delighted to oblige. It must be said that Callie takes literally every opportunity to, er, run free, but luckily, her mom was on hand with a Wonder Walker dog harness, and off we headed. 

King Duke's: Callie, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us, we imagine you are a very busy pup?

Callie: My days are packed! Packed! I get up at 5 am, then 6 am, then 7 am, just to make sure my human knows it’s DAY TIME!!!! Whooooop!!!

KD: What’s your daily routine? 

C: Well, after I have whizzed around my mom’s bed say, 9 or 10 times, I like to jump up for a snack. I am really into her toes which she said are not snacks but taste pretty great to me. Whhhhoooop!!! Then I like to race to the food place for my PUPPY CHOW. I love my chow!! Whhhhoooooop!!! After that it is time for a nap in my new bed. YIPPPPPEEEEEE. I take 18 or so naps a day, because naps are a great way to make sure I keep my energy UP so I can chew and play, and play and chew! Whhhoooooooop!!! 

KD: Let’s talk about how you came to be living in New York City. Can you tell us that story? 

C: Sure! I was born in Pennsylvania but my first family was not able to care for me so after 2 months, I had to move. That made me sad, but not for too long, because I found my way to an AMAZING shelter and then, just a week later, my mom came by and I jumped into her arms and she brought me home. Whooooop! At my shelter, there were pups of all ages and all breeds waiting for their forever homes, and the thing is, dogs make people better, so really, all homes should have one. Whhhhhoooooooooopppppp!

KD: What should people know about adopting a pet? 

Callie: Great question! I think there are 3 main things; first of all, think about the kind of experience you have had. Never had a dog? Why not adopt a dog who has experience, a dog who is a bit older, who knows its routine. I am a pup but older dogs are just as cute! This doesn’t mean you should expect them not to chew and pee and stuff - moving is stressful! New families are an adjustment! - but it means your dog has some life skills.

Secondly, think about the kind of life you have; mom and I live in NYC, and it suits us because we are both quite compact and happy to take our walks in urban spaces, and live in an apartment, and chew stuff, and pay for Uber pet rides when we need 'em. MAN, I love to take a ride, whoooooppppp! That might not work quite so well for other dogs, but I tell you this: there is a dog for everyone who wants one and who will care for, and love, that dog. Seek, and you shall find!

Thirdly, make friends with other pet parents and learn, learn, learn! Adopting a pet is a commitment and you need to be prepared. My mom was prepared for how much I would love to chew on her hair so she never gets mad at me, just like she was prepared not to leave her favorite heels within chewing distance. You have been warned! 

KD: Callie, we could talk to you for hours and hours, but we know you have some crazy running about to do in your apartment and a bunch of naps to take, so we’ll let you go. Thanks for talking to us and to show how much we love you, here is a squeaky avocado, perfect for a sunny New York morning, er, snack! Enjoy!!


If Callie has got you thinking about a new pet, or if you have already taken the plunge, then don't miss part two of our Pet Parenting special with all the tips and kit you need. Chow* for now! 

*(dog) dad joke, we know, we know, but we love them!

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