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November 03, 2021 4 min read

Kind, loving, and endlessly loyal, it is said that animals make humans better. We know this to be true, and since you’re here, we assume you a) know it too, and b) experience for yourself the many, many benefits of pet ownership. Some of our favorites are, in no particular order, the snuggles, the “YOU’RE HOME!” happy-dance, the genuine, deep appreciation for every single meal offered, the peerless faith in you, their human hero, not to mention their miraculous ability to listen without prejudice or telling you just how wrong you are. In fact, the only feedback they give is positive, and who can argue with that!

On top of all this, we pet owners can also thank our four-legged friends for the impact they have on our mental and physical health. Yes! According to the CDC, “regular walking (or playing) with pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels, plus, help mitigate loneliness and depression by offering companionship”. Crikey. 

All in all, we have an enormous amount for which to thank our pets, and so this November, we want to dedicate our Thanksgiving post* to all the ways we love them, and offer some ideas for how we might show our appreciation and gratitude! 

(*Looking for a guide to a safe Thanksgiving for your pets? We got you! Click here.)

First up, let’s talk toys! Specifically, turkey-themed toys. We’re suckers for seasonal, and it turns out that some of our pups’ favorite squeakers are the ones that come in the shape of enormous birds ... Depending on your pet’s proportions, we recommend the HUGE Lulebelle’s Turkey Bowl Power Plush Toy, which, besides being HUGE, is totally awesome. How? We’re so glad you asked! Each whimsical bird is made with a layer of durable mesh fused to its lining to make these high-quality, soft plush toys hold up to the scrappiest canines! Strongly stitched seams, no loose pieces, and of course all the materials are safe and non-toxic. Squeeze! Squeak! This is a toy with a beak! 

For the medium sized mutt, how about bringing home Tuffy Tallulah the Turkey, and yes, that is a mouthful. Tuffy is an interactive play doll, with 4 layers of super tough material so that you and your pal can play tug-of-turkey-war for hours, or at least until one of you falls asleep. She contains no fewer than 3 squeakers, so your nap may be short lived, but remember, this is not about you. 

Turkeyed out? No problem, we have options! Smaller, but no less tasty, how about the Zippypaws Pumpkin Pie? If ever there were a year your pooch has earned the whole pie, it’s this one, so go ahead! This sweet-treat plush features a delightful design with lattice detailing, rippled edges, a dollop of whipped cream on top, and of course a tasty, squeaky filling! So far, so good dog, but what about the cats?! Say thanks to your faithful feline with a catnip-filled toy based on her favorite seafood treats. Why not treat her to a luxurious lobstersome sumptuous shrimp, or even some super-sophisticated sushi? The choice is hers!

It would seem to be a cruel trick, and certainly inconsistent with a show of gratitude not to include some actual treats in this Thanksgiving edition, so let us share with you some of our favorites. We’ll start with Zuke’s delicious, super healthy, Mini Naturals Turkey and Pumpkin Morsels, which are corn, wheat, and soy free, and at only 3 calories a treat, great for frequent rewards. We’d also heartily recommend Farm Fresh Canadian Bacon treats, which are healthy, soft pepperoni- style snacks for cats and dogs. Preservative free, with no fillers or by-products, these are all natural and made from whole ingredients sourced from across the Canadian Prairies. What could be nicer than that? What’s more, Farm Fresh Pet Treats are casing-free, making them a versatile choice for both small and large pets, puppies, and older pets that may not have all their teeth. Fussy pets love these treats, and they are excellent for breaking apart for training. We’ll take a Boxer’s dozen! Finally in the edible section, we’d be remiss not to feature a true KD favorite, Puppy Scoops Dog Ice Cream in Maple Bacon. Yes, we know, we’re dog ice cream obsessed, and yes, we will be featuring holiday special editions in upcoming issues, and no, we’re not sorry. 

Last but not least, we asked our furry side-kicks to pick one really special thing from the site that they would love the most, and this is what they choose. For Lucy the 15-year-old dachshund, a new West Paw Heyday bed, so she can snooze in enhanced style while she awaits her next meal. For Murphy the-4-year-old Labrador, a cool, but warm and cozy, new Shasta Coat so he can flirt with the girl dogs on his morning walk. For Finley the 11-year-old Lab, a new West Paw Big Sky Blanket to keep her snug and warm as she colonizes the couch. For Riku the 7-year-old German Shepherd, a PAW5 Rock and Bowl, a unique feeder that makes meals a fun and tasty puzzle. For Macaroni and Cheese the Chihuahuas - 7 and 4, since you ask - a pair of natty Yellow Dog Design collars to make the ultimate style statement! And finally for Stanley the cat, of whose age and breed we cannot be certain, but whose love knows no bounds, what else but the Imperial Cat Gift Set; all his favorite cat kit in one place!

Large, small, old faithful or new arrival, to our pets: we love you all, and we are so very, very thankful for YOU! 🐶🐈🦃❤️

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